Maternity Infomation

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Maternity Session Details

There are two different offerings when it comes to maternity photoshoots. One is a normal session, done either indoors or outside, completely up to you! The other is the popular & unique before/after photoshoot, which requires two seperate sessions. Both are available if you would like to book them, and a discount is offered if we can shoot the 'Before' part of the shoot on the same day as your regular maternity shoot.

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Before/After Maternity Photoshoot

This requires shooting on two different days, usually at least a couple months apart. This is done in my home studio, to ensure that I can know where everything (mirror, mother, light, feet, etc) was in the 'Before' shot which makes the 'After' photo easy and quick to pull off. The first photoshoot is done with a large, 6' mirror to get the reflection. The second photoshoot is done without the mirror, to give a more flattering look to the skin and to protect the newborn's eyes (the mirror reflects a lot of light from the studio lighting). Due to the extra planning and work setting up & planning the two shoots, along with extensive editing in Photoshop, this is the more expensive of the two options. However, if you book and shoot the 'Before' session on the same day of the regular maternity session, a discount is included.

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Indoor Maternity Photoshoot

For the indoor photoshoots, I love to use a backlight which is very flattering to the mother while also having the added benefit of having a beautiful, classic look! This is also perfect for mothers who might be a little shy about doing a photoshoot outdoors, or just wanting to stay out of the Florida heat!

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Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Outdoor photoshoots are what I have been doing for years. We can shoot at nearly anytime of day, but about an hour prior to sunset is when the best light is available. Using a simple studio strobe to bring a beautiful light to the photo is what gives this a professional, timeless finish.

Both the indoor & outdoor photoshoots are available in one session. I allow up to 2.5 hours per session, so the outdoor location would just have to be somewhere relatively close to where we do the indoor session (my home studio, or your home) either works for me! If you were wanting to include the Before/After photo session as well, I would suggest doing the indoor photoshoot at my home studio. If you have any further questions, would like a pricing breakdown, or are ready to book a session you can contact me below! I look forward to hearing from you!